From 8 hour shifts to 24 hour shifts

I cried. I didn’t think I would, but I did. On Monday, Hubby and Junior came with me to my work (work… that thing I did for 8 hours a day before I started to do the 24/7 work). We took Junior around the office, said our hellos and goodbyes to everyone. Final goodbyes. It is official that I will not be returning to work once my maternity leave is up in March. It doesn’t make sense now that we live in the country for me to place Junior in a daycare where someone else will get to see his first steps, and where someone else will wipe the paint from his hands after craft time. It doesn’t make sense to drive into town, find parking, and not get home until 6pm at night when Junior is in bed by 7pm. IF. IF I need to work, I will find something local. Finances will be very very tight, but this is one part of my life that I need to put first. A few years that will mean the world to Junior and to Hubby too. I know we will eventually need to get Junior into daycare, but we will make due until that time comes. At the office, I got all teary eyed shaking hands of the people I’ve worked with for several years. I’d miss them. I’d miss working. In fact I didn’t realize just how much I realized I missed being at that job. Sitting for most of the day, having a reason to put pants on, getting paid, not having to read “Moo, Baa, La La La” over and over again, walking downtown for lunch, peeing without an audience, and the only one yelling at me was my boss, and not my 9 month old screaming for me to hurry along with that bottle. But, it’s the right decision for now. I will miss it, but I’d rather miss pushing papers around and a salary to missing first steps and first words. Oh yes, and I brought loaves of fresh baked bread for them to remember me by.

Speaking of first words…. “Ma Ma”. Officially spoken on Sunday January 4th, and repeated many may times, usually when he is very upset, but it still counts.


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