Mom and Dad’s Night In


Hubby and I have had about 2 dates since Junior was born. With Hubby working evenings and most of the weekend, and with finances pretty tight, we haven’t bothered to set aside time for being adults anymore. Our mornings are filled with tickle time (sadly not with each other, but with Junior) and after Hubby gets home at night, we both fall into the couch and sit like zombies, watching a movie. We rarely get to see our friends and if we do, it’s with Junior in tow. Before Junior came along, Hubby and I enjoyed expensive restaurants, date nights at the movies, moonlit walks downtown, spontaneous trips to Montreal, and we slept until noon. Yes those were dark, dark days. Haha. It’s been a while since we had a whiff of our old carefree lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, sleepless nights and dirty diapers are totally worth it since we do have the world’s most adorable baby, and we wouldn’t trade it for the world, but sometimes a mom just wants to let loose.

So was born the “Mom and Dad’s Night In”. While having another couple over with their year and a half old son for dinner, we came up with the idea of finding a sitter and having a great dinner some night, maybe invite another couple. A carefree, childfree, wine filled night of adult fun. The planning began and slowly 6 adults had found sitters, the menu was planned, my house was cleaned for us to host the magical night this past Saturday, and then…..the snow decided to return. The snow began mid-afternoon. Then one couple cancelled for fear of being trapped in the country. Suddenly I was down in the dumps. It wasn’t going to happen. Our night was going to go to sht. Hubby poured me a drink and told me to buck up, and so we began calling around to other parents we knew. A friend in the next town. Nope, her husband was on call. The neighbours across the street. Nope, too last minute to find a sitter. Another couple from town, nope, they were working. We finally lowered our standards (must be a couple with children) and invited Hubby’s friend and very pregnant wife who live close by. Finally, my table that had been set for 6, would actually have 6 adults around it… and no high chair (Junior was at my moms house for the night). Hubby planned a delicious menu of salt crusted prime rib and roasted veggies. I had the dessert under control; shared skillet brownies with a scoop of ice cream. Finally, with the snow falling heavily, our friends arrived, wine was poured, and food was served. We played a fun card game that had everyone laughing and everyone seemed to have a great night. One couple left after dinner, but our other couple, our close friends from the country who have 2 kids, stayed on to help us burn our Christmas tree. At midnight the four of us stood in the blizzard around the bonfire pit watching the last of Christmas disappear. People were shoved in the snow, sparks flew high in the sky and soon Hubby and I sank into bed, our friends safely on their way home via a ride home with a friend, and the bonfire, long past turned to ashes, and we closed our eyes for a glorious 4 hours of sleep. (I bet you thought I would say I got at least 8 hours, but it would be a lie. I woke up missing Junior at 5am.)


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