The Bird Feeders


For Christmas my mother bought me a bird feeder.  I immediately filled it and hung it from my clothes line. I haven’t seen a bird since.

My mom and her partner are avid bird enthusiasts. Or perhaps I should say they are bird feeder enthusiasts. They probably have about 10 different feeders and encourage every animal and bird around for miles to enjoy the seeds, peanuts, suet and dried bread that they put out. Having had these feeders out for the better part of 10 years, the feeders get very crowded each day with feathered beasts fighting over prime seed and perches. They smear suet and peanut butter on trees and toss scrap bread for the squirrels, bird feeders sway from each tree in their front yard and stand feeders provide stable bases for the heavy jays and the odd crow.

My feeder is still empty. Now, I have to admit I used seed that I’ve had in the garage for more than a year, but the new suet cakes should entice some, but I guess word has to get out to the bird community that I now offer meals. My father, during a visit last week also brought me a suet feeder (he seemed a little disappointed his little feeder wasn’t the first) but I hung that from the front porch, in clear view of the play room so Junior could enjoy.  We discovered on his last trip to my mom’s that he will sit quietly watching the birds at the feeders, so I was more than excited to show him the birds out in the country. But alas, I think I will have to advertise my feeders a bit better, start saving bread scraps (although since moving here we have yet to see a squirrel), and my mother’s advice is to buy new peanuts and scatter them about, something to do with the oils which the birds can smell from miles away. I’ve been meaning to get out to the Bulk Barn or to a local feed store but the weather has taken on an artic quality and I loathe bundling up Junior for the sake of some bird seed. I’m scheduled to go out to my mom’s tomorrow, so perhaps on my way I can stop somewhere. I’m eager to watch nuthatch, jays, chickadees and doves flock to my little feeder. We don’t have any mature trees other than a few evergreen, so I’ll also have to keep an eye out for platform feeders and shepherds hooks for next year.


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