The Playroom


I may have mentioned a few times that Hubby and I had been preparing or working on a playroom for Junior. So I might as well dedicate a full post to the room that I now occupy for most of my day.  When we bought this dream house of ours it came with the dreaded formal dining room. These rooms are rarely large enough to host a family gathering, and the most I could fit around a table would be about 8 without bumping elbows. We decided to only have the eat-in area as our dining room since it gave us the added flexibility of increasing our guest count (see earlier posts about hosting Christmas dinner). So we allocated the front dining room to be the dog room. Since you can access the room from both the kitchen and the front entry area, we leaned old crib sides against the openings to keep the dogs in while Hubby and I both worked. This obviously didn’t last long since my dog kept jumping the gates and our little one kept pooping on the floor even when confined into the 13 by 13 foot room. The room then became the dumping ground for miscellaneous furniture, boxes to be unpacked, and laundry to fold (the dogs got moved to the living room and the little poop-head dog is crated when we are away).  When Junior was born we had the idea to create a safe playroom for him to enjoy, in safe view of the kitchen and easily blocked off from the destructive jaw power of our dogs (toys everywhere!!!).

Last week Hubby and I painted the room blue, a cheap pre-tinted can from the big box store for all of $20. Then Hubby mounted, with pretty good accuracy, a very large chalkboard that I had come across free on Kijiji. We searched Ikea and found a blue bookcase for $40 and some picture shelves that we turned into book displays. I have an old table from my dad that is now the change table and will eventually become a craft table (a nice future project where I will cut down the legs and make a fun table top design). We added in our front porch patio furniture, this will be a seasonal thing, since they will return to the front porch come springtime, but for now they are perfect to lounge on while Junior cruises about the room on his foam puzzle mats.


I’m working on some art, one is finished, a copy of a print I saw on Pinterest and the other “Kisses for everyone” is a bit of a joke concerning our little poop-head dog, who loves to give kisses.  It’s a work in progress, but I stuck it on the wall for now until I get the creative bug to finish it. My moms made some fun wooden letters which I’ve painted and Junior’s book collection is quite impressive.

I now enjoy my morning coffee, with my feet propped on a big stuffed toy, and I spend my afternoons reading a book on the floor while Junior climbs over me, tugging hair and ears, while he giggles and topples over my legs.



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