Still Down In The Dumps

So after typing up my last blog, Hubby came to me and said he wasn’t feeling good again.  Yes, I can clearly see him being quite ill, and drained, but darn it, it was the weekend again. It started with him getting sick two weeks ago, he was sick for a day, then better. Then Junior got it, and then I soon followed, now he’s back being sick. I think it is indeed a conspiracy to avoid doing things on the weekend (joking… I know it isn’t). Yesterday I had to cancel going to our good friend’s child’s birthday, which I hate not attending. It killed me, but this sickness cannot leave our house. Hubby was supposed to move furniture with his dad yesterday, also cancelled. Today though, we could not cancel our events. I am adamant that before my (past) place of employment cuts us off from our benefits, that we squeeze in dentist appointments, so we jetted into the city this morning and got our toothies all shined up (only one cavity between the both of us, and of course, it’s me…and it’s in my wisdom tooth which I was supposed to have pulled two years ago but didn’t…don’t get me started on that!). Hubby was actually able to have his appointment with Junior, and Junior actually slept on top of Hubby while the tech buzzed, polished and flossed away. I was disappointed no one snapped a picture, but very happy indeed that Hubby’s efficiency meant we could make it back to the country for my interview with plenty of time to spare.

I almost don’t want to talk about it. I’m still torn on the whole thing, but the income is calling to me. I can almost reach out and feel the new clothes I could buy (even if I might still sneak off to the thrift store for treasures) or I could finally get my hair cut. Sigh. Extra money could pay off some overdue bills, and maybe, just maybe reduce some pressure on Hubby.  The interview went well. It was a company that is local, small and I would be doing very similar work to what I was assigned to at my last post. I dressed up, went in early, shook hands and made pleasantries. They asked me to describe myself and I used the word “perfectionist”.  And it is true. I hate things being out of sorts, I hate making mistakes, and I want to do things the right way, not just “get them done”.  A few minutes later they asked me about past places of employments and pointed out I forgot to change the date of one of my jobs on my resume (facepalm). What a rookie mistake!  We all seemed to laugh it off, but what a horrible dumb luck move. I scrutinized that resume before sending it in, correcting references, and updating info. Now, will they want the person who admits they aren’t perfect? Will they realize that a “perfectionist mom” is going to make a few mistakes after only getting 3 hours sleep? Yeah, you read that right. Junior had one of his most ultra-horrible nights last night and I hardly got a wink.  They said they will let me know in 48 hours. Scary. I haven’t even told my mom that I had this interview and we have no clue if we can schedule daycare for Junior around grandparents or if we will need to place him.

I’m going to keep chalking up my mood to the winter blues and a bad case of the momdays, but I could really use a pick-me-up. Not sure what… it’s -30 outside so I can’t get some fresh air, and retail therapy is very much out of reach, and since I’m probably still infected/carrying whatever sickness is in our house, coffee with a friend is also not going to happen. I will have to settle for scrubbing the kitchen clean and picking up more socks that Hubby has left around the house. Oh the simple joys!


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