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Something to Keep Me Busy


Well I still haven’t been up to much. My unemployment runs out next week and we’ll be a one-income family. Wood is getting low, oil is past due, and the snow is clinging on with its icy hands. We’ve had only a handful of nice “warm” days, but the mountains of snow and the drifts that hug our driveway haven’t melted a bit. We’re in a full on winter blah mode. Hubby has been good to me and let me sleep in a few mornings while he entertains Junior who is still not sleeping through the night. The extra sleep has improved my mood for sure and has allowed me to see the light even when it seems we won’t survive this winter.

I may have mentioned a few times I have a hobby business from home. I make wedding décor and rustic items mostly from burlap fabric, and although the winter months are usually slow, business has tripled already since last year, and I was able to squeeze into a wedding show in April. I’ve been busy painting, cutting, and making goody bags to be donated into the swag bags for the show. My website is up and the orders are starting to trickle in, even though wedding season is still months away. This has given me hope that I can bring some cash in, for, at the very least, to help pay for my loan, and maybe even contribute to bills.

Along with my burlap, I’ve been busy planning Junior’s first birthday while will also happen in April. I have the invite trials at the printer now, and I’ve been making all kinds of decorations. We’re going with a “Little Man” theme, which basically means top hats, bowler hats, mustaches etc. One of our many nicknames for Junior has been Little Man, and it suits for the first birthday.  I’ll have the usual cake for him to plow through, and we’ll serve little sandwiches and cupcakes. I also want to make loot bags for the party, although we don’t have too many kids attending. Along with the party planning Hubby helped me cut up some onesies in order to start on Junior’s memory blanket made of our favorite outfits. I hope to have it done in time!!!


The Plan

What does a mom do on a long weekend? The same thing she does every other day of the week. What does this mom do on Valentine’s Day? Not much. As usual, Hubby had to work on Valentine’s Day. I’m not usually the lovey dovey gal, and I usually loathe flowers, teddy bears and chocolate, but with feeling a bit in the dumps I was hoping for a little pick me up, maybe a little romance, perhaps even breakfast in bed.  But it was not to happen. I wore sexy clothes I found in the back of my sock drawer, I had a card from me and one card from Junior to Hubby, and I bought Hubby some Hulk foam hands since one of our dogs decided to destroy his last pair. Yes, Hulk hands… foam green fake giant fists for a grown man. But it’s what he likes, and that’s what he got. They only cost $10, the cards, a few dollars each. Nothing crazy, and I am not one to expect much in return. It’s my own fault for marrying a “manly” man. I guess I just feel like the past month or so I’ve been waving a little white flag hoping that someone will come in and save me from my rural momland.

Well, since I knew Hubby had to work and I suspected that we wouldn’t have plans for the morning before he had to go to work, I invited my sister out for the day. She doesn’t currently have a significant other, so I’m sure her Valentine’s was just as uneventful as mine. She came out early and we pondered on a course of action as the roads were slick and we were both trying to be mindful of a budget. We finally settled on visiting a cheese factory about an hour away as a destination and off we went together, braving the cold snowy day, to select cheese curds and fresh cheese blocks, Junior in tow.

We travelled south to a big lock system, which was closed for viewers, and then picked up delicious pizza on the way back to my house. So in all, it wasn’t a horrible Valentine’s Day. Nothing a good pizza and bag of cheese curds couldn’t fix (although now I need to work it all off!).

So I’ve come to the conclusion that no one but me can get me out of this funk. I’ve been trying to organize my emotions and figure out what can be done. Here is what I have so far:

  1. I didn’t get that job, which I totally got my hopes up for. But why does it bother me? Because in less than two weeks, I will be cut off from employment insurance and I will have no money except baby bonuses coming in, this hardly covers groceries!

Plan: Focus on my wedding decoration business. I’ve got my website up, I’m pre-making stock, and I’ve been advertising more. Sales are slowly coming in, but with a source of revenue, I will feel more secure, and be able to contribute financially. But wedding season doesn’t start for another month or so, next month will be tough.

  1. I feel quite alone, but yet I feel too exhausted to organize coffee dates and visits.

Plan: I need fresh air!! Today for the first time in what seems like forever, the cold snap has yielded and we had only negative 10 weather. For us Canadians this is a godsend. I plan to once a week go for a walk at a local trail and invite locals to join me.  I also need to attend playgroup with Junior on more of a regular basis, let’s say twice a week.

  1. I feel fat. Wait, let me change that…I AM fat. I know… I know… I shouldn’t be that hard on myself, but I should know better. I gained weight before getting pregnant with Junior and I gained weight during the pregnancy and I can’t blame it on the fact that I married a chef (if you only knew… he hardly cooks at home).

Plan: Start eating those weird things called fruits and vegetables, and quit drinking (not that I drink a lot, but it’s empty calories).

  1.  I schlump around the house chasing Junior, picking up socks and absentmindedly folding the odd load of laundry. I need direction, something to look forward to.

Plan: Junior will be turning 1 soon. I smell a party that needs planning!

Powder Room Renovation

Our house was pretty much turnkey when we moved in and although it wasn’t necessarily decorated to our tastes, nothing has really bothered us too much, or gave us a sense of urgency to change right away. Hubby and I have tried to stay to a two room per year renovation schedule. So far in our first year of home ownership we painted the nursery, and painted the mancave, both relatively cheap to do, since the fencing project ate up any savings we had. In 2015 we’ve painted the playroom and now we have recently pretty much completed the renovation on the powder room. We have been purchasing supplies slowly when we could afford it, and finally, after it was all amassed, Hubby and a friend of his tackled the project, of course, with me anxiously pointing out things through the doorway while bouncing Junior on my hip. The powder room had neutral vinyl flooring, green walls and a garden wallpaper border. Standard fixtures, vanity and mirror, were pretty much the focal point of the room. As for powder rooms, this one is pretty large,  5’ by 6’ in dimension. Plenty of room to stretch your legs out…not that you would need to, while doing your business. This is our “before” picture.


We decided to go with a modern/country look. And for inspiration I found a picture of birch tree wall paper and wood accessories, which were mostly modern in their look. This is our “inspiration” picture.

powder room inspiration

We based all purchases on this, finding cost saving alternatives where possible and using items we already owned in order to keep the budget fairly low. We chose a versatile vinyl tile flooring in modern grey, and found birch wall paper at a large box store. Paint, well, we inherited that from my inlaws, and the vanity is an old dresser we had up in Junior’s room. The mirror, I actually don’t remember where we got that, but it matches the vanity quite nicely.

It all went pretty smoothly and although if we could do it all over again, there are definitely things we would change when it came to our process, and then we’d be pretty darn perfect. This room will always show a few flaws (the wallpaper pattern was hard to match up, and Hubby still needs to tighten the sink plumbing), but it was a bit of a learning curve and I’m proud of us for tackling this.  Check out the “after” pictures.


The Reasons Behind My Stress

Well, as a famous Disney character once said, “If you don’t got nuthin good to say, don’t say nuthin at all”. Which is why I haven’t blogged much lately. 2015 is kicking my butt!  I’m sick again, a horrendous head cold which is keeping me from sleeping since I’m afraid I’ll choke on my own mucous. Oh, and you want to know about the interview? Well, I waited a few days (obviously the 48 hour mark came and went that they promised) and I sent a very polite thank you email to them. I immediately received a response that they apologized for not keeping to the 48 hours, they had some interviews that had to be rescheduled and promised to get back the applicants as soon as possible. Another 4 days goes by, still nothing. Out of the blue, and after I had ridden my emotional roller coaster to the end and gave up all hope, I receive another email, “Hang in there, thanks for your patience, you’re still one of our top contenders”. It’s now been almost another week. Last night I emailed them asking if the position had been filled, and I have yet to hear anything. What an exhausting few weeks. Now…to perhaps further explain my sudden stress levels and urgency to get back into the job force. Hubby and I, over Christmas became liars. Yup. Liars. We lied… We aren’t so sure about having one child anymore. We both have had the urge to expand our family and since the clock is ticking… we said… now or never. On January first we stopped using birth control.

Yup we’ve been adamant believers in having one child. One was right for us. One was okay to have. One is cheaper. And I seriously don’t know what happened, we still think all that. We are happy with one, but I think there is that nagging feeling. Is two better for Junior? I’ve gone through nearly a month and a half emotional rollercoaster of asking myself if we were making the right decision. Hubby works late nights and most of the weekend, will he be home to help? We don’t have enough income to support us all. What will we do? Well, for one, I have to consider getting back to work. I’m currently on maternity leave and once that’s up in a few weeks, I have no money coming in and I can’t apply for normal assistance. I need to return to work and work for several months before I will be eligible for maternity leave again. So that was my goal, get back to work and so when the time comes, at least we will have some income from my side of things. But I found this job, here in town, just 7 minutes away, and I fell in love with it. I want to work there. I want to work there forever. It’s perfect. But then I haven’t heard back and it’s killing me.

And…because that’s not enough stress….Our dogs were playing the other day and my dog stretched her hind leg funny. She can’t go up and down stairs, can’t jump on the furniture (which should be a good thing, but makes me sad to see her stare at the couch and all its glorious pillows and not be able to curl up in them). We’re taking her to the vet tonight (money we don’t have), and we hope it’s just a sprain, and not something serious like hips or a slipped disc.

Sigh… will it get better?