Powder Room Renovation

Our house was pretty much turnkey when we moved in and although it wasn’t necessarily decorated to our tastes, nothing has really bothered us too much, or gave us a sense of urgency to change right away. Hubby and I have tried to stay to a two room per year renovation schedule. So far in our first year of home ownership we painted the nursery, and painted the mancave, both relatively cheap to do, since the fencing project ate up any savings we had. In 2015 we’ve painted the playroom and now we have recently pretty much completed the renovation on the powder room. We have been purchasing supplies slowly when we could afford it, and finally, after it was all amassed, Hubby and a friend of his tackled the project, of course, with me anxiously pointing out things through the doorway while bouncing Junior on my hip. The powder room had neutral vinyl flooring, green walls and a garden wallpaper border. Standard fixtures, vanity and mirror, were pretty much the focal point of the room. As for powder rooms, this one is pretty large,  5’ by 6’ in dimension. Plenty of room to stretch your legs out…not that you would need to, while doing your business. This is our “before” picture.


We decided to go with a modern/country look. And for inspiration I found a picture of birch tree wall paper and wood accessories, which were mostly modern in their look. This is our “inspiration” picture.

powder room inspiration

We based all purchases on this, finding cost saving alternatives where possible and using items we already owned in order to keep the budget fairly low. We chose a versatile vinyl tile flooring in modern grey, and found birch wall paper at a large box store. Paint, well, we inherited that from my inlaws, and the vanity is an old dresser we had up in Junior’s room. The mirror, I actually don’t remember where we got that, but it matches the vanity quite nicely.

It all went pretty smoothly and although if we could do it all over again, there are definitely things we would change when it came to our process, and then we’d be pretty darn perfect. This room will always show a few flaws (the wallpaper pattern was hard to match up, and Hubby still needs to tighten the sink plumbing), but it was a bit of a learning curve and I’m proud of us for tackling this.  Check out the “after” pictures.



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