Something to Keep Me Busy


Well I still haven’t been up to much. My unemployment runs out next week and we’ll be a one-income family. Wood is getting low, oil is past due, and the snow is clinging on with its icy hands. We’ve had only a handful of nice “warm” days, but the mountains of snow and the drifts that hug our driveway haven’t melted a bit. We’re in a full on winter blah mode. Hubby has been good to me and let me sleep in a few mornings while he entertains Junior who is still not sleeping through the night. The extra sleep has improved my mood for sure and has allowed me to see the light even when it seems we won’t survive this winter.

I may have mentioned a few times I have a hobby business from home. I make wedding décor and rustic items mostly from burlap fabric, and although the winter months are usually slow, business has tripled already since last year, and I was able to squeeze into a wedding show in April. I’ve been busy painting, cutting, and making goody bags to be donated into the swag bags for the show. My website is up and the orders are starting to trickle in, even though wedding season is still months away. This has given me hope that I can bring some cash in, for, at the very least, to help pay for my loan, and maybe even contribute to bills.

Along with my burlap, I’ve been busy planning Junior’s first birthday while will also happen in April. I have the invite trials at the printer now, and I’ve been making all kinds of decorations. We’re going with a “Little Man” theme, which basically means top hats, bowler hats, mustaches etc. One of our many nicknames for Junior has been Little Man, and it suits for the first birthday.  I’ll have the usual cake for him to plow through, and we’ll serve little sandwiches and cupcakes. I also want to make loot bags for the party, although we don’t have too many kids attending. Along with the party planning Hubby helped me cut up some onesies in order to start on Junior’s memory blanket made of our favorite outfits. I hope to have it done in time!!!


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