The Book Swap

book swap

I have issues. I am obsessed with party planning now. I’m full swing into planning Junior’s first birthday and for some reason I thought it great to plan and host a book swap. I’ve been gathering books and organizing food, and now I’m obsessed with decorating. Today I made a pretty cool garland using ripped out pages from a book (that was on its way to the garbage anyways). I crumpled and folded the pages all different ways and used a needle and thread to pierce the pages easily. Junior watched me meticulously rip out all 178 pages of a book, fold the papers every which way and then string them together. I think it looks pretty neat. Do I need it? No. Will people care if I didn’t have a book garland? No. But do I love keeping my hands busy and making cool things. YES. AND… it didn’t cost a penny. So I’m happy, my wallet is happy and I think people at the book swap will think it’s not so shabby.

So… book swap. I’m part of a few social media sites and one of them is a free/swap site. I’ve bartered for a few items on there, most recently a new blazer that saved me $70, and a few kids toys. I’ve attended a clothing swap before and we almost had a children’s toy and clothing swap organized but with not enough attendance, we cancelled it. So now I’ve decided that since my mom keeps drowning me in used books (she thinks I can sell them online), I’ve organized to host a book swap.

For my swap I’m asking people to donate what they can, I’ll organize them into genres and then depending on how many guests we have, we will let a few people go at a time to pick out some books. It’s not a tit for tat system, where if you donate 5 books, you leave with 5 books. I really want people to be able to take what they want. I’m making a few munchies and I’m having a few members bring some food as well since the attendance is looking like it will be well over 20 people!!  I’ve still got 2 weeks to plan for that, so maybe I can squeeze in a few more book garlands! What a great way to meet new people and get some free books!


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