Busy Life, Happy Wife

Oh my, I’ve been so busy these past few weeks. First, I hosted a book swap at my house. Through social media I invited local readers to come over, bring books, swap them out and mingle. We had 40 people either confirmed as coming or possibly coming. In actuality we had 9 people show up. Okay, so that’s not too bad, but really? What’s the point of rsvping if you have no intention of coming, or let me know. Needless to say we had soooo many books left over, and tons of snacks. The ladies who did come were local moms and read-a-holics and we did have an enjoyable time. A few days ago I finally was able to off load the left over books on another local. All in good spirits and all for no cost (minus some food costs).

This week I’ve been busting my butt trying to get ready for a wedding show I’m attending to showcase my burlap home business.I need to make new signs, buntings and display. So much work, so much stress. It’s free for me to attend but because it’s a super trendy show, I had to go on a search for a new outfit and make sure I have an idea what I can manage to do with my super straight hair. Junior will be going to my moms for the night and Hubby is planning a guys night while I’m away.

In two weeks Junior celebrates his first birthday and his decorations are finally complete (and over running the basement). I just have to finish his gifts. We upcycled an old cozy coupe car into a batmobile and I fashioned his onesies into a blanket (as mentioned in earlier posts) but neither project is done!

Hubby has been patient with me since each night, as we sit to watch tv together for our “couples” time without Junior, I usually have a glue gun in hand or am slicing up business cards. Being busy gives me great purpose, but at the same time, so many events at the same time can be stressful. I want each one to go off without a hitch, and I’m always loaded with projects.


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