Monthly Archives: April 2015

My Poor Truck


Arg, so it’s been another long week. With money being an ever present concern, we’ve had to discuss our budget plans for this year. Initially we planned to replace the roof shingles and build a deck. Then, we changed that to shingles and a shed. Then, we decided the roof can wait another year and we settled on a deck and a shed. Either way, those are some mighty big ticket items, as we don’t want to just get a tiny shed, or get the cheapest shingles, or the smallest deck. Since this is our dream home we plan on doing things right, thus we try to stick to 2 items a year to work on. With one guaranteed income which basically is allocated to pay off the mortgage and bills, and my not so guaranteed income that is responsible for groceries, our home has to run on a tight budget.  We thrive on under the table payment plans, favors from friends, and avoiding using credit cards. We still find ourselves indebted to several places at once, but we somehow manage. It’s been quite the battle of the minds since I was raised to pay and then play to ensure you have enough money, and if you don’t need it, well, you don’t get it. Hubby on the other hand is quick to spend and say “we’ll make it happen”, but this can be very stressful since I haven’t quite forgotten his wild financial ways before we settled down.  Hubby and I pretty much only fight about money, and they say that money doesn’t buy happiness, but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t hear me complain if my huge hydro bill disappeared or my cell phone was free.

To add to our recent stressful summer plans conversation, my truck decided to get itself all rusted through and need a new gas tank. Hubby says my truck is a danger to society and will explode any second, and our “constant” repairs are a waste of time and money. We should just go out and buy a new one. I say, it hasn’t needed more than $400 in repairs/upkeep per year, it’s paid off, my dad is a mechanic and there is no way one income can support all the bills, let alone a new car, with monthly payments for the next 7 years. When I go back to work, for sure I will consider a new vehicle, but when you are a stay at home mom, and you’re not making any money, you make do.  We agreed to get it fixed, and it has been a painful week being carless. It’s supposed to go up on the hoist tomorrow and hopefully it will be a quick fix. This truck has gotten be into all kinds of adventures over the years and since it was my first vehicle, I sort of have some sentimental attachment to it. I don’t want to trade it in for a mini van. And I kind of like how the ABS light is always on. I love my truck. Please truck, come home soon.


Happy Birthday Little Man


I don’t even know what day it is, but I know it’s been a while since I blogged. I don’t even know how many days ago its been since our little baby boy turned one, and I don’t care to sit down and figure out what day it is lest the little guy wakeup before I’m done typing. Almost a week ago, yes, that’s it (wow, I need more sleep). Last sunday we celebrated, albeit a few days early), our son’s first birthday. With a “Little Man” theme the house was filled with top hats, mustaches and a colour pallette of green, blue and black. All my months of hard work adorned walls, doorways and signs pointed to platter of food. Hubby made little slider sandwiches and we served beverages out of huge mason jar type glass dispensers. People arrived early, and continued to arrive well past the end of the party. I never intended to throw such a huge event, but who do you NOT invite? Everyone seemed genuinely excited to celebrate with us so we embraced it and over 30 people crammed into our house. There were so many people that during the cake smash I couldn’t see a thing, and decided to chat up neighbours and friends, admitting defeat that I would have to watch the adventure on someone’s video clip. Everyone seemed happy, got along, it was a beautiful day and most importantly Junior seemed to enjoy himself. Junior loved the onesie blanket I made him and immediately threw himself into it as Hubby and I held it up for everyone to see. Piles of books, new outfits, and toys littered the floors and cupcake wrappers made little mountains on our counters. Junior gorged himself on cake, the chocolate and blue icing coating his entire body, and the dogs licked every inch of the floors as guests began to leave. Our little man is a year old, and yes the year went by fast. Do I miss the baby stage? NOPE. I love every second of progress, I love that he can bring me books to read and point at toys to let me know what he wants to play with. I love how he now gives open mouthed sloppy kisses, and I even love the little tantrums he throws when I say “no”. Happy birthday to our Little Man!

The Wedding Show


So, I survived my first wedding show. I think it was successful. Although I didn’t make a penny. Yup, that’s right, not a single cent. I’m sure glad I didn’t have to pay for my table. And to put it in perspective, the store where I was in, only made a few bucks. I spoke with a few more vendors and they reassured me that a show like that isn’t to make money, it’s to get your name out there. And if that was the point of it all, then I do consider it to be a great success! I had over 100 people walk away with samples of burlap and my business cards and I was kept quite busy talking to possible clients. It was a great day out meeting new people. And for the day I wasn’t just a mom, I was a business owner. I bought flowers in the morning and made a beautiful flower arrangement that had guests complimenting and the experience alone, was great to have under my belt. Already this year I’m 1/5 to my financial goal that I’ve set, and I haven’t even hit high wedding season yet. It keeps me busy and out of trouble that’s for sure.

Acorns are growing, and that’s about all.


Winter keeps digging its claws in, and I’m getting tired of all this snow. I thought by now I would be watering my seedlings in the living room window as they bathe in the heat of the sunshine, but that isn’t the case. First, it’s been snowing… in APRIL!! Go away snow!  And second, we havent finished the garden fence, so the prospect of having a full veggie garden this year is scary with two blundering dogs to content with. I may just plant a few tomato plants and maybe some herbs to get me through this year and then when the fence is up, put all my energy into the garden. We’ve also found a shed builder who is local and since we want the shed to butt up against the garden, the fence is put on hold even longer to make sure the delivery truck can pull in, drop the shed parts (its a kit) and be able to get out again.

But one thing that I can start growing is my acorns. While on a trip to London Ontario last fall we picked up some acorns on a trail we hiked on (one acorn dropped down from the sky, bounced on the ground and then landed in Junior’s carrier). We gathered a few more acorns and they have been wintering in the fridge. I’m glad I labelled the ziplock since the bag looks very much like something rotten at first glimpse because of the soil. I was almost devastated to find a bit of mould on the acorns, but when I shifted the bag around I could see that the acorns had “popped” and something was emerging. I added some fresh water and put the bag in the kitchen window. Hopefully the spring sun will eventually decide to come out and I’m thinking that the greenhouse environment will add some moisture and the acorns will continue on growing. It would be nice to tell Junior someday that the big oak tree out back was grown from an acorn that he “caught”.  Here’s hoping for something to plant in the next few weeks.