Acorns are growing, and that’s about all.


Winter keeps digging its claws in, and I’m getting tired of all this snow. I thought by now I would be watering my seedlings in the living room window as they bathe in the heat of the sunshine, but that isn’t the case. First, it’s been snowing… in APRIL!! Go away snow!  And second, we havent finished the garden fence, so the prospect of having a full veggie garden this year is scary with two blundering dogs to content with. I may just plant a few tomato plants and maybe some herbs to get me through this year and then when the fence is up, put all my energy into the garden. We’ve also found a shed builder who is local and since we want the shed to butt up against the garden, the fence is put on hold even longer to make sure the delivery truck can pull in, drop the shed parts (its a kit) and be able to get out again.

But one thing that I can start growing is my acorns. While on a trip to London Ontario last fall we picked up some acorns on a trail we hiked on (one acorn dropped down from the sky, bounced on the ground and then landed in Junior’s carrier). We gathered a few more acorns and they have been wintering in the fridge. I’m glad I labelled the ziplock since the bag looks very much like something rotten at first glimpse because of the soil. I was almost devastated to find a bit of mould on the acorns, but when I shifted the bag around I could see that the acorns had “popped” and something was emerging. I added some fresh water and put the bag in the kitchen window. Hopefully the spring sun will eventually decide to come out and I’m thinking that the greenhouse environment will add some moisture and the acorns will continue on growing. It would be nice to tell Junior someday that the big oak tree out back was grown from an acorn that he “caught”.  Here’s hoping for something to plant in the next few weeks.


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