The Wedding Show


So, I survived my first wedding show. I think it was successful. Although I didn’t make a penny. Yup, that’s right, not a single cent. I’m sure glad I didn’t have to pay for my table. And to put it in perspective, the store where I was in, only made a few bucks. I spoke with a few more vendors and they reassured me that a show like that isn’t to make money, it’s to get your name out there. And if that was the point of it all, then I do consider it to be a great success! I had over 100 people walk away with samples of burlap and my business cards and I was kept quite busy talking to possible clients. It was a great day out meeting new people. And for the day I wasn’t just a mom, I was a business owner. I bought flowers in the morning and made a beautiful flower arrangement that had guests complimenting and the experience alone, was great to have under my belt. Already this year I’m 1/5 to my financial goal that I’ve set, and I haven’t even hit high wedding season yet. It keeps me busy and out of trouble that’s for sure.


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