Happy Birthday Little Man


I don’t even know what day it is, but I know it’s been a while since I blogged. I don’t even know how many days ago its been since our little baby boy turned one, and I don’t care to sit down and figure out what day it is lest the little guy wakeup before I’m done typing. Almost a week ago, yes, that’s it (wow, I need more sleep). Last sunday we celebrated, albeit a few days early), our son’s first birthday. With a “Little Man” theme the house was filled with top hats, mustaches and a colour pallette of green, blue and black. All my months of hard work adorned walls, doorways and signs pointed to platter of food. Hubby made little slider sandwiches and we served beverages out of huge mason jar type glass dispensers. People arrived early, and continued to arrive well past the end of the party. I never intended to throw such a huge event, but who do you NOT invite? Everyone seemed genuinely excited to celebrate with us so we embraced it and over 30 people crammed into our house. There were so many people that during the cake smash I couldn’t see a thing, and decided to chat up neighbours and friends, admitting defeat that I would have to watch the adventure on someone’s video clip. Everyone seemed happy, got along, it was a beautiful day and most importantly Junior seemed to enjoy himself. Junior loved the onesie blanket I made him and immediately threw himself into it as Hubby and I held it up for everyone to see. Piles of books, new outfits, and toys littered the floors and cupcake wrappers made little mountains on our counters. Junior gorged himself on cake, the chocolate and blue icing coating his entire body, and the dogs licked every inch of the floors as guests began to leave. Our little man is a year old, and yes the year went by fast. Do I miss the baby stage? NOPE. I love every second of progress, I love that he can bring me books to read and point at toys to let me know what he wants to play with. I love how he now gives open mouthed sloppy kisses, and I even love the little tantrums he throws when I say “no”. Happy birthday to our Little Man!


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