Our shed is coming!

We’re like kids before Christmas. The anticipation is killing us, as the shed is due to arrive this week! We have some gravel coming over the weekend in preparation for our new little building, so it has a nice bed to rest on and the list of things that we want to transfer from the garage to the shed is growing (sadly).

I’m not sure if it’s living out in the country or just our luck (someone knock on wood for me please), but just like the chain link fence, the business we purchased our shed from seems to not care that we have only put the down payment on it. We plan on paying very hefty payments over the next few months which is almost too good to be true, but here it comes. We chose a local company (stay local!) to design, build and deliver our shed to us. We shook hands, handed over a small wad of crumpled cash (okay, it was an email money transfer, but that just doesn’t have the same romantic vibe to it), and now here we are, planning and prepping for an outbuilding of our own.

When searching for our dream home, I imagined coming across a few houses with sheds, barns or detached garages that I could turn into gardening zones, or future houses for chickens, but alas, only one house had such a shed, and unfortunately the shed was larger than the house. Our dream house, did not have a shed, but this only meant we could design our own. Our shed will rest lengthwise along our side fence between us and our neighbours and it will be placed about three quarters of the way back towards the south end of the yard, allowing my future garden to rest in the very corner. When facing it, we have double doors on the right hand side, a window in the middle and then a single door on the left. And if I recall correctly we have a second window on the short side (which will face the garden).

I plan on finding an old shelving unit or work bench and it will be designated for gardening. We’ll set up my rain barrels to catch the water coming off the shed (still need to find some used eaves trough) and perhaps I will even set up a trickle irrigation system in the future).  As soon as the shed arrives we can finally finally install my garden fence, which so far consists of some old 4×4 posts I acquired and a roll of 2×4 wire fencing that is about 4 feet tall. I may need to buy more wire fencing, and later on I plan on buying (or finding used) some 1x6x8’ planks to make fence slats to finish it off and add some stability. I’m planning on having two gates to my garden, so that’s another project to make, and eventually this will be a haven for perhaps a few chickens or ducks, but we’re now looking at a few years before I have enough free time to be gardening and chasing poultry around.

Hubby wants to use the other end of the shed for storing all gardening supplies and equipment including our lawn tractor and snow blower. We will fill the rafters with toboggans and use the space along the back wall for an old wooden shelving unit my dad made me which will then hold bins of gardening items, bulbs, seeds, shovels etc.

We’ll also eventually looking into have two solar powered lights installed, one over my gardening bench (although two windows should provide ample light) and another over the lawn tractor area. We’ll have to immediately build a ramp for the shed, and attach chicken wire along the bottom so no critters start making their homes under our new addition (the shed sits on wooden “skis” so there is a nice dark crawl space for furry friends).

My only concern is the width of the trailer and shed is supposedly 10’ wide… and the opening to our yard through our double fence is 10’ wide. So please say a little prayer for us that we can indeed squeeze our shed through our beautifully installed chain link fence!


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