Father’s Day

I smell a skunk. Seriously? We just got the shed and it seems a little bugger has been sniffing around the base of it. I’ve contacted another neighbour/friend for some chicken wire!

It’s Father’s day this weekend, and there are many dads to celebrate with. For my own dad, we’re spending some daddy daughter time picking through junk. Yup, we’re going yard sale hunting! I’ve saved up some crumpled bills and we’ll chart our course (seriously we will have a map of garage sales), coffees in hand (since it will be 7am) and try to find some awesome treasures in the suburbs around his house. My little sister will watch Junior while we’re out hunting. My dad and I are serious deal finders, thrifters, and treasure seekers. We may not have the money to buy all of the cool things we find, nor the places to store them, but we certainly try the best we can. My dad likes to search for tools and parts, and he always seems to have at least 4 of everything, which is a running joke in the family. Myself, I search for things I can resell in my business like metal buckets, or wooden ladders, and I now definitely need to find some storage for the garage and shed and some gardening supplies.  Oh and I have another kitchen storage issue I want to fix…I’ll save that for another blog though!

For Hubby I made some Father’s Day crafts with Junior which I can’t disclose til after the weekend in case Hubby plans to read my blog before he opens his gift, and we’ll spend the day making a ramp for the shed and perhaps for supper, if I haven’t spent all my crumpled bills on yard sales, we’ll splurge on Hubby’s fav, Chinese food.

Holidays like this don’t need expensive gifts to please the ones you love. Just simply give them a call, spend time with them or make a craft that they will appreciate.


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