The Shed


Well it’s here. The shed has arrived! The day started off with waiting for Grandma to come by to watch Junior. Hubby and I are pretty efficient, but I wanted to be hands on today (aka make sure no one got hurt and nothing got broken), so an extra set of hands was superb. When Grandma arrived I put her to work chasing Junior around the yard. The day had started off muggy and overcast, then it suddenly turned muggy and full sun, which if you are wondering, is NOT a great forecast for my ginger skin. Yup, I’m a red head and I am very forgetful to put on sunscreen. No worries, I always remember to slather Junior with some, but when it comes to myself, nope. Grandma has a hard time with hot temps as well, so Hubby filled the little pool and soon Grandma was enjoying the splashings of Junior as he ran in circles in the 6 inch deep water.

A few days ago we received a shipment of gravel to make the bed for the shed. Hubby and I then proceeded to argue over everything from how to move it all the way to the back of the property, to how thick the base should be. The hot weather and the strenuous work did not lighten our moods. Only when our farmer neighbour knocked on our door to say we could borrow their atv and trailer did Hubby buck up (I might also add that Hubby is stubborn and refused to ask for help, it was I who contacted the neighbours to see what our options were). Moving a load of gravel by wheelbarrow is a painful process. (Originally the driver was supposed to drive to the back and dump it in place, but as per our luck, it had rained for several days and the driver , with good cause, refused to tear up our lawn). Once Hubby sat upon the atv (he loves them) his mood improved and we made several loads to create a big base for the shed to come. Remind me later a pie or fresh loaf of bread is in order as thanks for the atv.

So back to yesterday, with Junior splashing in his pool, Grandma sweltering under the shade of our only tree, and Hubby and I becoming puddles as we raked our driveway, laid gravel on pathways and cleaned up the garage, the shed, in all its glory arrived.

Hubby and I have been fighting a lot lately and stress always makes it worse. So another of our “debates” has been if the shed will actually fit through our double gate.  Hubby refused to measure the opening and kept brushing off others’ concerns saying the opening was 12-16’ wide. In serious doubt, I would counter with 10-12’, and not knowing how wide the trailer would be that the shed was on was making us very on edge. We both called the local shed shop, with no call back. The shed would be 10’ but how much space did it need? So since Hubby refused to measure, I ran out and took a wobbly measuring tape to the opening. At the base was 10’. Phew (as long as the trailer was less). We would be okay. The next day, Hubby went out, and for some reason he was coming up with 9’6”. Hmm. It took some debate but we figured out that neither of us were idiots. I had measured the base of the opening and he had measured the top where the poles angled in slightly. We figured that we could pull the poles wider at the top if need be.

So did it fit? One would say it fit like a 300lbs lady putting on nylon stockings.  We pushed, pried, bent, and shoved that shed through our fence opening. The fence was partially dismantled (but later fixed with the help of the shed guys) and the poles had to be bent and pulled out of the way. But it made it. Within minutes of pushing through the gates the guys had the shed in place, levelled and out they squeezed back through the gates. We later measured the shed and its 10’6” and nearly a foot longer than we expected. No complaining here!

Hubby and I made many trips, dragging rakes, shovels, shelving units and toboggans to their new home and within an hour we had it set up as much as we could. We still need to make a ramp in order to get the mower in, but there is still plenty of room. Hubby has given me the go ahead to search for a garden bench to put in there and now we can get the ball rolling on the garden fence. Oh and we need to add some chicken wire on the bottom to keep the cats, skunks, and coons out from under it. All in good time!


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