Garage Sale Treasures


I’m so excited. I mentioned the other day that I was going to go yard sale hopping with my dad, and boy did I ever come home with a treasure trove of goodies!!  I spent $35 total and found… 3 large glass carboys to be resold for wedding décor, 2 smaller carboys (large jars with narrow openings), some bike training wheels that will work amazing as further support for our double wide chain link gates, a hose holder, a new can opener (you can only imagine how mad I get when my old can opener stops working, half way around the can!), two little pairs of rubber boots and a handful of books for Junior, all of which are classics that I grew up with. The other few finds deserve their own little blurb.

Since the garden dream is soon to become a reality, I’m starting to think of what tools I will need to find to make my life easier. I’m a tall curvy woman, so spending hours and hours on my knees pulling weeds and back breaking sections of time tilling soil are not times I am looking forward to. I don’t know what the proper names of most tools are, but I know I wanted a narrow rake type tool on the end of a long handle. It was on my birthday wish list.

But there it was, at a garage sale in the big city. A rake type tool on the end of a long pole. I tried to look up what it was called, but couldn’t find anything. It looks like a mini version of a piece of farm equipment, made to till and turn up the soil. It’s rusted and the handle is well worn and smooth. I paid $5 for it.

My second find was a steal of a deal and I really felt like yelling “Start the car!! Start the car!!!” to my dad as we carried it back, nonchalantly to his packed van. A dust covered, spider web filled early era Underwood type writer, also for the new low price of $5. Now my little business is all about weddings, and trendy brides scour antique shops for just such a prize. It doesn’t have to work, it just has to look pretty, and add to the atmosphere of their big wedding day. I knew I could find a bride who wanted a vintage wedding. Picture this old type writer sitting on a guest signing table as an inspiration to those leaving notes for the happy couple. Within an hour of being home, and between reading Junior some of his new books, I had the little type writer cleaned up. The mud came off the keys to reveal vintage font, and a pinecone emerged from the inside, a left over from a squirrel’s cache. Missing two little legs, and the front ruler being damaged only made this little piece even more darling. I posted pictures and a very flowery description of it on the wedding selling site I’m part of and within minutes it was snatched up to the tune of $60. A nice little profit that I can put towards todays Father’s Day dinner of Chinese food. Yes, normally, the money would be spent on bills, but I wasn’t able to splurge on Hubby this year, and I know how much he would enjoy a meal like this!

My dad was well-behaved and quite reserved with his shopping. He came out with a new pair of wiper blades, a wine rack and some placemats. A good day with dad, and a perfect father’s day!



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