Father’s Day Update


Wow, what a crazy busy weekend. So for Father’s Day, Hubby only wanted to spend time with us (myself and Junior) and build the ramp for the new shed. Sounds easy enough, but we found ways to complicate it all.

As usual, early in the morning I take Junior downstairs to play until Hubby wakes up, then we hurry back upstairs, Junior climbing faster and faster each time to reach Daddy. Father’s Day was no different and we waited patiently to hear Hubby stir before we all crawled back into bed with him, juniors gift to Daddy in hand. Since I’m on a tight budget I wasn’t quite sure what to get Hubby so I searched online for good gift ideas. I settled on a bleach sprayed shirt. I’ll have to get some pictures up soon, but I’ll try to describe it as clearly as possible.

  1. Purchase a cotton t shirt in a dark colour.
  2. Trace out an image onto sticky backed paper (found at the dollar store), and in this case it was an outline of Juniors hand.
  3. Place the image onto the shirt in the desired location, removing the protective backing so that it sticks to the shirt.
  4. Put about a cup of bleach into a spray bottle and spray once or twice over the image, allowing spray to hit the shirt wherever.
  5. Keep in mind that it takes a few minutes to see the bleach starting to settle in, so wait between sprays.
  6. Blot with paper towel and remove image sticker. Rinse, dry and voila…art.

I had such fun with the hand print that I made another shirt with images of ravens flying, and the mottled dots of the bleach spray gives it the illusion that the ravens are flying against a starry night. Hubby seemed to like the shirts, although who knows if he will wear them, at least they didn’t break the bank.

The day started with drizzles, many clouds and muggy temperatures that did not have us in a good mood to be sawing and hammering out at the shed. Hubby and I will never open our own home reno business as we would certainly kill each other. Hubby is the type of worker that likes to say “good enough” and I’m the type to overthink (usually after the fact), but I hate doing things halfas….half way.

We tried to find compromise along the way but it was hard, and with over $150 worth of pressure treated lumber it made a dent in my wallet and in our spirits. But in the end, we have a ramp, that works, that doesn’t wobble, and seems like it will hold up.

Now, I’m not one to leave the day as simple as ramp building, so I found a few things on kijiji for Hubby. Now that we have the shed set up, and in it, my gardening bench, I wanted Hubby to have the garage set up for his tools and he was definitely lacking in storage and work space. So into the big city we went (lucky we had my dad’s trailer on hand) and we picked up an old wooden work table and a wooden cabinet, but for $20. They are older pieces, and need some loving care, but for $20 Hubby gained a lot of space, plus along the way we found a garage sale that had ended and all items were free. Well now I’m sure you can imagine me screaming in pure glee at that find, but I held back and only snagged a wooden headboard that I can resell with my business as a wedding sign.

After we packed up the trailer with our goodies, we headed out to our old favorite Chinese food place near our old rental townhouse. It was quite the loop to drive but we knew their food was tasty and it would be a well-earned Father’s Day treat for Hubby. Keep in mind that all this time Junior is strapped in his car seat, so far keeping calm and happy. We pick up the food and head back to the highway to get home. Boy, were we hungry and all we could smell was our dinner!

20 minutes from home chaos ensued when a trailer tire blew while we were passing another car. We are sooooo lucky that the tire did not hit them since it went flying. I was able to pull over, and oddly, Hubby stayed relaxed and in a good mood (he would usually not be so impressed with such a situation). And within 10 minutes the tire was changed and with minimal screaming too (from Junior, not Hubby). We finally got home, scarfed down some delicious food and then my dad came to pick up the trailer. I think Hubby was glad to see it go. As the door shut behind them, I headed upstairs with a tired baby and Hubby’s socks and then pants came off as he headed to the mancave to relax.


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