Happy Canada Day


Happy Canada Day! With gloomy weather predicted and an exhausted family, we didn’t pre plan much for our country’s birthday. We casually put feelers out to see if there were any takers for a bbq and finally pinned down a dinner bbq date with our friends in the country and their two kids. We later added in a co worker of Hubby’s and we had a menu planned of burgers, potato salad and cold drinks. Nothing fancy. We had hoped for good weather but when we woke up we discovered we would have none of it. So with a constant downpour of rain we piled into the car and drove to a local brewery that we love. Since I’m on a budget I was pleased to find a bucket of free buttons at the cash, so I snagged one for my sister and a few for Hubby. Hubby splurged on a few beer that could only be purchased there and Junior sat in Hubby’s arms, showing off their matching red plaid shirts. We then headed over to a cheese factory for some overpriced poutine (can’t get much more Canadian than that), although I found it lacking in the cheese curd department, which was a bit ironic. That’s okay because I splurged on some fresh curds and a small block of fresh cheese. We are now home, cleaning house, with Junior running around happily clutching his “soft blankie”, waiting for our dinner guests to arrive. Happy birthday Canada.


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