Gardening at 9pm


I know, I know, too many posts for one day! But it’s a dream come true… Hubby is entertained downstairs with his buddy, the dishes are mostly done (bbq went well, albeit indoor eating for sure because of the rain) and Junior went to bed early. After our friends and their kids left, I slipped into my flip flops and braved a very wet flower garden. The rain has let up and I hope the kids in town get to see some fireworks, but for me the true excitement is getting to weed my garden. Yup, it’s still light out, and I have an hour to myself guilt free. So top of the list was my very neglected front gardens which are bursting with perennials. I split them last year and again this spring but they are all so huge. All the better to share, but the garden for sure is very full and almost at full bloom. I love my hostas when the spikes start emerging to show off tiny purple flowers, or the exploding morning glory. The yellow tiger lilies look amazing and we have a maple tree in our front garden that has had to be cut back twice as it spurts up in its fourth year of life. I have just come in and the wheelbarrow is filled to the brim with weeds, a great success. The dirt is still under my fingernails as I type since I can’t take the chance of missing a moment to actually post a blog in real time (imagine that!). Earlier today I snapped a picture of the bar which I am using as a garden work bench. I’ve added some peg board and have started to hang all my tools. Out of sight is a deep spice rack that never found a home inside our house, so I screwed it between beams in the shed and it now holds an assortment of bug spray and a few mason jars for pens and misc hardware. Oh and hopefully you can see in the picture there is a bird clock too. It was a gift from my aunt but since with every hour it chirps and whistles like the birds on it, it was sent to the garage to live a sad lonely life. Now it chirps proudly in the garden shed. I imagine large wicker baskets for the shelves or containers for bulbs. It’s surely coming along. The second picture is one I pulled from the internet. I’d like to build an outdoor potting bench with “functioning” sink. I imagine the water barrels hooked up to some rain gutters on the shed and since the bottom of the barrel has a tap, the barrel can be on the bench with the tap over a sink that I will sink into some sort of wood bench. The sink will then drain into a bucket I can place under neath, so that when I’m done washing up, I can toss the old water into the garden. The added height to the rain barrel will also make it easier to water the garden, maybe even hook up an irrigation hose. Who knows… so many ideas!

Oh I was second in line to receive a free rabbit hutch with 6 rabbits, and although I am not currently looking for rabbits, the hutch would have been a great chicken coop if I could have re-homed the bunnies. But all in good time. Still need a few good days to get my garden fence up.


One thought on “Gardening at 9pm

  1. Julie Low says:

    I love reading your posts, keep them coming! Our neighbour has a rabbit hutch, the lid is an old wooden screen door. It’s so cute, I’ll have to send you pictures. (Although theirs has a mischief of rats — thankfully pets!)

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