Projects to Tackle


I’m free!!  Okay, if I hadn’t mentioned it, I have been working on a very large order with my small business, and I’m happy to say I have completed it finally!  My main little business is with burlap. Rustic brides contact me for table runners, signs and buntings (little flags on string), but for the past several year Movember Toronto (the mustache-growing-fund raising people) have asked me to decorate their summer events. Each year of course needs to be different, which has me ever reaching farther away from what I’m actually good at. This year’s order should have probably gone to a screen printer as I worked with exterior paint on natural canvas. The paint seeped under the stencils, projects took forever to dry and I went through piles of brushes. In the end I don’t think I made a penny pf profit, but at least it’s for a good cause. I hope they enjoy them. I usually throw in some extra items, and this year was no different, 2 free pillows, which should get me on their good side. Finishing this order means I can actually do other things. I’ve of course taken a few nights to watch horrible romantic movies on Netflix but now that I have my evenings free, after 7pm when Junior goes to bed, I can finally conquer some home projects. Here is what we currently have going on:

  1. I picked up two free wooden gates that I want to cut down to size to use as garden gates. They came 5’ tall and they need to be 4’, but they came with all the hardware, which saves me close to $60 for all the hinges and clasps. I was so excited to pick them up.
  2. The garden fence. Nope, we still don’t have the fence poles in yet. Both Hubby and I dread digging those holes again. (I say again, since last year we actually dug most of the holes, then had to fill them in when the shed was delivered.
  3. The back of the house has practically no landscaping to it and the job of hand sniping the constant barrage of weeds is getting me, more so the fact that we don’t have time. The rest of our yard looks fantastic but right at the house under our tiny back deck the weeds are 3’ high. I want to relocate some of my perennials since they need to be split anyways. It’s not the ideal time to do it, but we have a bbq with friends coming up in august so I’m hoping if I do it now, they will take hold.
  4. On one of my garage sale hunting days I found a wooden kids table and two chairs, they need to be glued and re screwed so they are nice and tight. I might paint the table, but I’m not too sure yet.
  5. I haven’t had much of an urge to be baking since the heat is insufferable, but my rhubarb needs to be harvested. I can at least cut it back, chop it up and freeze it for some winter baking. It’s a shame to see it go to waste.
  6. An outdoor play area for Junior. Hubby is very tired of us keeping the little pool in the front yard meanwhile we have a huge back yard, but because of the ease of the location of the hose and the fact that one of our dogs would attack and maul the tiny pool to death, we play in the front yard, under the shade of our only tree. With the promise of the garden fence going up, I want to allocate a portion of my future garden area to be a play area, complete with sandbox, a small seating area and eventually the pool. I am on the search for some eaves trough to run across the back of the shed in order to hook up a rain barrel that will eventually fill Juniors pool on hot days. It will be years before I have the time and energy to actually garden the whole section we are fencing in, so it’s a great dog-free zone for Junior’s toys without the yard looking cluttered.

That’s all the major projects we have going on so far. I’m sure I can think of more later.


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