Rear Garden

So I was able to get some gardening done. We’ve been alternating between hellish heat and constant downpour, so of course during a hellish heat day I was out back with the shovel digging up a new garden along the back of the house. I turned the soil and let the sod dry out before removing it, making it slightly easier to deal with. I also pulled out an old cedar stump that causes a headache each time hubby gets the ride on mower close to it. That dang thing was going to take out a blade sooner rather than later so I hacked at it angrily with a shovel until it popped out. This also made room for a better garden. We’ll eventually be putting in a large deck, but thats a few years from now, so getting this little garden in has helped with the look of the area, and as well, made it easier to maintain.

It’s not a recommended time of year to be splitting plants, but I couldn’t take it anymore and my hostas are literally taking over my front garden. I transplanted some hostas, so tall yellow flowers, some morning glory and some other misc perennials. Ive been able to keep the water on them so far and I think they will take. I’ve still got a bit more gardening to do on the other side of the deck, but it will just be hostas lining between the lawn and the little scraggly pine tree we have.

I told Hubby not to install the fence posts on his last day off as it was very very hot, and now I fear they may never get put in. We did cut down the wooden gates and they are ready to be installed, so that’s at least one less step.

Today I’m off to help a neighbour/friend on the next concession to paint her four month old’s nursery with a large white tree. She’s offered a little money and she will watch Junior as I work away with it.

Yesterday Hubby and I helped out the across the road neighbours and took a trailer load of shingles to the dump for them. They had cost out the rental of a dump bin and it would have been close to $500. But for only $120, the dump took the shingles and Hubby and I got a nice work out. They offered a little bit of cash for our help, time and gas which was very nice, but we would have helped them anyways.

So we’ve been keeping busy and if we could get this garden fence in it’s the last large project of the year. It will get done, it WILL get done.


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