It’s time.


So, how about this weather? A bit hot, eh? Yup. We’ve had it up to here with this weather (imagine me raising my sunburnt arms way over my head wearily). I’m fair-skinned, a red head and lately I’ve had no energy. You throw in 40 degree weather and for some reason I don’t want to move from our very muggy basement, the only area of our house that doesn’t remind me of the inside of an oven. For the next two weeks we have Hubby’s cousin staying with us to learn about being a chef, and the three of us and Junior have been sweating it out in this non air conditioned house for several days now.

Neighbours across the street brought us over a window air conditioner and Hubby immediately installed it in our bedroom, but it certainly isn’t powerful enough to cool the whole upper floor. So ceiling fans and floor fans are working in overdrive, and the shades are drawn to keep out the hellishly rampant sunlight. I feel like a hermit.

I’m hard pressed not to simply live in our bedroom with Junior and the dogs, but I know I will go stir crazy, I’m already half gone as it is. There is so much yard work to be done and I had hoped with the extra pair of hands around here, we could finally, finally, get my garden fence up. But I won’t push the guys to work in this heat, which sucks the air right out of your lungs.

Yesterday Hubby’s cousin and I made a water table for Junior. I had found an old wooden kids table for 50 cents at a yard sale, and although it’s weathered and water damaged, it is now the perfect play area for Junior on a hot day. I picked up two dollar store plastic bins and used a jigsaw to cut out holes in the table top to nest the bins in. Fill with water, soap or sand, and enjoy! Junior happily splashed and giggled, our front porch getting wetter with each fling of a toy, but on such a hot day, the constant slew of water on our legs was relaxing.

Although I’m the one mostly stuck at home in this sweltering heat, and I grew up with nary an air conditioner, I have to admit, this is a bit much, and when Hubby suggested it was past due to install central air, I didn’t have the energy to fight about it. You never hear of anyone regretting getting central air. Perhaps their bills go up a bit, or the initial cost was high, but I have yet to hear anyone complain. And so, with a small advance from his work, Hubby brought home some cash, and the central air will be installed next week. And yes, we are aware that by then the heat wave will be over, but the cash is in hand, the wheels are turning, and I have already agreed to this new expense. Let’s get ‘ir done.

So please excuse me while I go fish through our deep freeze for the last popsicle and I melt down my stairs to the basement, I may not emerge til the final bolt is installed, and the cool refreshing expensive (but worth it) cold air is coursing through our vents.


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