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Catch Up Blog

So I haven’t blogged in a while again. Sigh, blogging is hard when you have a very busy toddler running around. It’s only a matter of time before a hard book gets jabbed into my side and someone starts hanging off a shirt sleeve. I’ve also been absent for another reason, and that I will get to later.  I’m going to try to break this up into a few posts, but I’ll try to catch you all up as soon as I can.

Let’s start from recent events and work backwards.

So last weekend we held our second annual backyard summer bash. We had over 35 people, friends, family and neighbours join us for some summer fun, great food and a big bonfire. Hubby smoked pork shoulders into pulled pork sandwiches, we had everyone bring a little side or snack, and we had food galore. Hubby and our neighbour have been collecting pallets to burn and the fire went well into the night. We set up a 60 foot slip and slide for the kids (surprisingly no drunk adults used it), and we have an assortment of inflatable pools to keep the little ones cool. Hubby had old childhood friends join us, and I had a new friend, and we soon realized that my friend was related to one of Hubby’s friends. What a small world.

The dogs stayed inside since there was such a flurry of activity they were sure to explode from the excitement. I think that was just fine with them, since the day before we had our central air installed. Yup, that’s right, the heat wave we had a few weeks back hit us hard. I turned into a puddle and I felt like we lived in the basement for 2 weeks. We broke down, Hubby got an advance from work and we had a friend install our central air. Yes, expensive. No, we hadn’t budgeted for it. No, I don’t regret it.

The day after the bonfire party we had 11 morning guests who all helped to clean up the yard, and we all had a big pancake breakfast. We have realized over the years that the friends we have now are very respectful and even thankful for being invited. It’s nice for everyone to pitch in, these events can take a lot out of me, are quite expensive to host (I think Hubby bought 7 pork shoulders!), and I would have been picking water balloon guts off my yard for weeks had not everyone pitched in to help out.

Before the summer party Hubby and his cousin installed the fence posts for my garden. As I was feeling extra exhausted and Junior was being a holy terror, I had to retreat back inside and watch hopefully from the kitchen window that the fence would be installed to my liking.

Now I should explain that my family can be very anal retentive. We don’t know everything, but what we do know, we know well, we do it well, and we want it done right the first time. We can come off as control freaks and when we do something, it will probably take us twice as long as anyone else to do, but we certainly won’t need to fix or re-do it for 50 years.

Hubby, is quite different. And I know this. So it’s kinda my fault. But it is beyond frustrating to be “mom” and let “dad” do the heavy lifting and fence building if I’m the one being so finicky about it. I had tried to explain to Hubby that he should install both end posts, then string some rope from one top to the other. Since the holes were all dug (by myself), he would need to measure from the bottom of the hole, to the top of the string and that would be the measurement he would need to cut that post. Then he would level them and align them with the other posts using the string as a reference. From my view out the kitchen window, he appeared to be following my instructions. After a few hours the guys proudly exclaimed that the work was done, but since I was busy with making dinner I didn’t have a chance to go out to inspect, not that it would have mattered since every post was being cemented. But seriously how hard could it be after installing over 60 posts last year; he should be an expert.

The next day, while out wandering the yard with Junior I walked up to the line of posts. I started crying. Some posts were taller than the string, others shorter. Some were on the west side of the string, others on the east. I think I blind man could have installed them better aligned that that.  I’ll leave it at that.

I obviously had a few choice words for Hubby, but my comments were falling on defensive/deaf ears. He never wanted to install the fence in the first place, oh and it was my fault of the holes needed to be adjusted to make the posts more aligned. For days, the fence was not brought up again.

The other day I went out, finished back filling the posts and removed the string. Having Hubby remove the posts, dig out the cement and re –do it would probably cost us our marriage. And I certainly don’t have the energy or money to make it right myself. Luckily, from the house, you can’t see how wonky it is. We will install the wire and perhaps some wood rails in the near future. I will settle for my wonky garden fence, since apparently I’m just lucky he did anything at all to install it for me.

I’m the type of person that believes if someone does something wrong, or half-“butted”, they need to correct it themselves. That way they learn to take the extra time to do it properly. Although that logic is great when you are lecturing kids, this won’t go over well  for a husband.

Alright let’s go back to Christmas. You know, when Hubby and I decided to change our minds about having more kids. Yup that’s right folks it has happened. My cycles are way out of whack so we had no clue how far along I was, so we had a dating ultrasound and when we thought we were already at 9 weeks, we found out we were only at 6 weeks, the baby showing as only a tiny little blob on the scan. This weekend finally puts us at 12 weeks along. On Wednesday we have another ultrasound so we should be able to finally see some little limbs waving around and hopefully a head.

I’ve been dealing with some morning sickness, or as some ladies might know it as, all day sickness. I’ve only tossed my cookies once, but every day I have been plagued with nausea and an almost constant feeling of motion sickness. If someone flips the TV channel too fast I feel like vomiting. With Junior, when I was pregnant, I would jump out of bed to get to work, toss my cookies and get out the door to work and just be fine the rest of the day. Now, I waddle around the house avoiding extra movement just to keep the nausea at bay. It’s made me feel constantly hung over.  Oh and not to mention the bloating and gas, probably twice as bad as last time. Oh boy, am I not looking forward to this. (yes, I am, but seriously not looking forward to the birthing process).

So that’s where I have been these past months, wallowing on a couch, fighting off a toddler. Now that the nausea is, knock on wood, starting to pass, I hope to be up and about a bit more. I’ve got a business to run, a toddler to chase and a garden fence I need to finish. Oh and I’m sure at this point you are all saying…. “Well, you won’t have much time for gardening so what was the point of the fence?” Hubby and I agreed that since the garden will come, we can use the space for now as a toy friendly area of our yard. We currently have a sandbox, water table and a gazebo in there right now. But the dogs are allowed in to leave deposits and Junior still likes to make a run for the house. If we fence it in, I imagine having coffee next spring in the “garden”, our new baby sleeping peacefully in a basket next to me, and Junior playing safely in his toy area. Oh and there WILL be a small garden. I plan on moving my rhubarb and chives back there come spring and every year, as I gain a little more freedom, I can dig the garden a bit larger and plant more veggies as I feel I can work with. I figure by the time I am 70 I can finally have the entire garden operational.