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A Baby Shower in the Country

A Baby Shower in the Country

Moving out of town while half way through a pregnancy sure isn’t the ideal choice for most, but for Hubby and I it was worth it. Financially it was good timing, and I wasn’t so tired or too large to have the move hinder me too much (or me hinder the move). And other than lifting a few ultra heavy boxes there wasn’t much I was limited from doing. But nowadays, at 7 months pregnant I do find myself getting very tired, and going up and down stairs makes me feel like I just ran a marathon (doesn’t help that I wasn’t in the best of shape before the pregnancy). I’m glad we’ve settled in before I get too far along. One of the first things we did upon moving in was paint the nursery.

Hubby and I aren’t the traditional “cutesy” people. No teddy bears of Winnie the Pooh for our kid. We like the more modern, trendy look. The nursery walls are grey with white trim and the curtains are a layer of white sheer mesh and a pale green solid. We’ve accented with some green, yellow and a bit of blue snuck in the décor as well, which is fine since the original blue carpet is going to stay for now. We have a touch of an owl theme and the mural boasts two owls keeping a watch over Junior’s crib. I think we did a fine job of it. This past weekend we cleaned up the house, finally unpacked some of the last boxes and put the finishing touches on the above mentioned mural and thankfully we got everything done.

Sunday, after picking up a friend in the city, I came home to a driveway filled with familiar cars and a surprise baby shower in my own home. Alright, so having a shower at a house in the country isn’t convenient for everyone, but a lot of people organized rides, trudged out in the snow and by the end of it, it was certainly nice to bid everyone farewell and sink back onto my own couch for a relaxing night… no packing up of gifts or hauling things through the snow. If it’s planned well, a shower at the expectant mom’s house works quite nicely (but luckily/thankfully we cleaned!!!).

The shower was filled with laughter, fun games and snacks, lots of wonderful gifts and sooo many cute outfits that elicited the usual “ooohs” and “ahhhhs” from the gaggle of women. Amongst the top gifts of awesomeness, I am very thankful to have received a diaper bag, so I can finally start putting together my hospital bag, and my sister crocheted a very adorable owl hat for Junior; I think it might just make its way into the hospital bag for Junior’s ride home (pictures will surely come later). As well, two dear friends of mine, created a scrap book, all ready to insert pictures into. I love the idea of scrap booking but I never get around to it. The book was perfect and dummy-proof and the guests at the event signed one page in preparation for a group picture to be glued in. They even left a few pages at the end blank and promised to return to help me complete the book. Very thoughtful!

It was also convenient to have the guests over since many had not seen our new dwelling. I dutifully gave many tours and proudly showed off the nursery which Hubby had thoughtfully closed off to prying eyes until I was ready. I even got the nod of approval from my Aunt to host the family Christmas at our house. I can’t wait to have everyone over again soon!

PS. After a rough start, the snow blower started up for Hubby and he did an excellent job of plowing the 1 foot deep snow off our driveway early on Sunday morning, and next on our must-purchase list is a parka to keep him warm. He was covered in snow, and shivering cold but I didn’t hear a single complaint.

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