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Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done

Well I hope everyone is having a great Family Day long weekend. From the snowstorm that almost shut down all of our county on friday to the sunshine we have today, it’s been a roller coaster in regards to weather. I usually carpool into work but the snow scared off my ride, and I hitched a ride in with my maternity replacement whom I’m now training. Coincidentally she lives just 10 mins south of me. We arrived 30 minutes late to work, but in our defense it wasn’t the weather out in the country that slowed us down but the traffic jam that was created with so many cars on the road in the city, and so few plows to clear the mushy slush away. I’m glad I only have 2 weeks left of work. I’ve decided to go on maternity leave early, both for my own sanity and for the finances. Carpooling saves money but it still costs alot to travel into the city and find parking. I’m getting bigger and bigger and I’ve taken a few ungraceful tumbles on the ice, which gives me even more reason to stay home and put my ever thickening ankles up and read flyers that jam pack our mailbox.

On friday night, after coming home to nearly a foot of snow in the driveway (they called for 5 cms), I figured I could attempt to do something nice for Hubby. It was Valentine’s Day too. So I suited up and attempted the snowblower. Now remember, these things scare me, but sometimes you scare yourself more… so I took a deep breath, jiggled this and that, kicked it twice, pulled the cord and to my amazement it started. Well, for a second it started. When it puttered out I wanted to cry, I admit. I was cold and tired from a long day of work. Another deep breath, another pull of the cord and she started up for me. I can’t say I did a perfect job of blowing out the driveway, but it wasn’t half bad. And to my amazement the snowblower is pretty handy. There is a spot at the end of our driveway that has a little dip in it, and I nearly fell trying to encourage the machine to giddy up over the hump, but luckily I had left that area to the last, and I decided that after that, I was done. But I was elated that I was successful. I couldn’t wait to tell me dad. He’d be proud of me.

This weekend has been pretty productive, for both Hubby and I. We somehow ended up buying a second car this week…. a bit sooner than anticipated and a bit rushed but a good deal was found and Hubby has a new car, which means I won’t be stuck at home on maternity leave…. or worse, stuck at home when my water breaks. I’ve finished up the mobile for the nursery, removing winnie the pooh and adding some owls that match our theme, and I’ve made 2 cotton covers from an old bedsheet for the change pad. I actually managed to make a onesie out of a men’s shirt, sort of following a guide I found on Pinterest. Most patterns ask for 2 pieces, a front a back, but the shirt I found, with 3 football helmets, was too wide, and I didn’t want to loose the graphics. So I made one wide piece, so the onesie has a hem up the baby’s back. Not perfect, but not the worst hand made item I’ve seen. It DID take me a good few hours to figure out a pattern, cut some practice pieces and hand sew the snaps in… which makes me realize that unless you have a shirt that is SUPER cool, it’s much cheaper and easier to simply buy a onesie. I’ve still got some bumper pads to conquer and my delivery gown, but I’ll leave that to another day.

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