The Problem With My Screen Door…


So when the hot weather arrived, we threw open the front door, tossed open the back french doors and the most wonderful cross breeze flowed through the house.  Sadly our dogs quickly discovered the magic of a non locking screen door.  You push… and it opens.  I’ve had to chase my dog out the door as she gallops away to greet neighbours walking down the street or as our dogs leap at my temporarily crippled mother with her cast-like boot (insert a mental image of me yelling “NOOOOO!” as they lurch through the air to give her kisses).

I’ve added a chain and hook inside to prevent the dogs from leaving the house, but this also prevents outsiders from getting in… not that it stops their attempts at getting in, and this is where my crafty project comes in.  Guests and friends don’t realize the door is latched and they yank on the door causing damage to the door, the latch and the hinges etc.  So I’ve made a sign to hang on the outside to warn possible “enterers” (yes “enterers” is now a word).

The picture pretty much lays it out for you:

1. create a stencil with wax paper or print out your template.

2. cut out your stencil.

3. paint your stencil onto your wood.

4. hang sign on door.

Hubby is on his way home now, I wonder if it will work.


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